Welding - Assembly Hall 

Because we own high-end devices svařovnání Fe, stainless steel, Al, we're able to repair any metal device. We also perform minor repairs for private individuals. The organization enables companies to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of all customers. 


We also own a large capacity machining equipment, CNC machines, CNC vertical machining center IKC - 1100 FB, band saws, manufacture twisted parts on conventional machines to a diameter of 800 mm, machining, milling machines, plasma cutting, metal cutting up to s = 12 mm, sheet metal bending to s = 6 mm, folding of the press, tapping sheet metal 


Fe (up to 8 mm and length 3000 mm) 

Fe (s = 10, and length 2000 mm) 

stainless steel (up to 6 mm, and a length of 3000 mm) 

stainless steel (s = 10, and the length of 2000 mm, CNC lathes rod diameter up to 60 mm)

Products manufactured in the surface paint shop govern and deliver the products final appearance at a high level.



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