Purchase of new CNC machines in the second half of 2014

05/12/2014 16:22

We have purchased a high-performance CNC counter-spindle turning centre, which saves the manufacturing time of the further machine components treatment carried out by other machines. It enables us to increase our performance in the production segment covering the diameters from 50 mm to 300 mm and the lengths within 750 mm, which has recently been overtasked. The machine is already playing a key role in the process of strengthening our competitiveness. This modern technology allows very precise profile turning (both internal and external turning together with drilling and threading). The machine includes a CNC control system, which enables CNC programming of machine tools.  The required system combines ISO programming elements and 3D graphic support.

Further, there is CNC press brake – thanks to this modern technology using a top CNC tool we are able to efficiently produce machine parts, plumbing pipes, as well as air condition piping within the lengths reaching up to 3 100 mm using relatively low press force of 160 t.  Bending, angle bending, folding, pressing are some of the key activities of the mechanical production in our company.

Nowadays, we have received orders, where - due to the recent purchase of the new CNC machines - we will increase our production by approximately 15 %. We count with the growth in performance and the increase of the competitiveness of our company seated in a region with higher unemployment, which will lead to a better position on the market and thus also to an increase of vacancies. It is sure we will create at least two new job positions suitable both for men and women without any further discrimination.




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